Trying a new Blog System

Hi Blog Buddies,

I’m trying to setup some new blog software and ho;pe to accomplish this without a lot of trouble.  This is a blog system from WordPress.

First I have to learn the system!  :>(  Right now my DW and I are sitting in the customer service area at Rocky Mountain RV in Albuquerque NM.  We are having a Base Plate installed on our Honda Fit – this is used to attache the tow bars from the RV to the Honda Fit for towing behind the RV.  It is estimated to take 5-6 hours so it will be a long day!!!  We have TV, Coffee and WiFi what else do YA need!!!

So I will go take my tutorial now and hope to learn the ropes.

Stay tuned – I hope to be back with more.

Below are the completed 2 mini paintings 4 x 6 of ocean/dunes

JR  :>)


6 responses to “Trying a new Blog System

  1. Hey JR, this seems to work just fine! Popped over from the RVPainter blog. xo

  2. Hey Dick, seems to work fine for me. Have a good day!!

  3. Thanks Marjorie – best to you as well – & YO to Donna & Russ

  4. Hi Dick,
    Marjorie sent me your blog. I really enjoy reading it. There are so many options today to keep in touch with family and friends. Would love it if you added me to your blog list. Glad to hear you are doing well.

  5. Irene Harkleroad

    Hi Dick.

    Looks great!
    Please add me to your blog list.


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